How does it work?

The ZGen Graduate Program is specifically aimed at and developed for recent graduates from the best European Universities and consists of three different paths:


Each path will last 24 months and it is aimed at developing skills and competencies related to its specific functional area. You will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and develop a complete professional profile in your field. You will also take part in an international experience that will ensure professional and personal growth.

3 job

Each path will consist of three job rotations that will foster the improvement of transversal skills necessary to succeed in each single functional area. You will be supported by a specific development and training plan designed on the knowledge and needs that most relate to your position.



Online assessment


First interviews with HR


Zgen Days: 
Business Games and Role Plays in Zambon HQ


Interviews with Business Line Managers

Notice to candidates

Thank you for your interest! We would like to inform you that for this first edition of Zgen Graduate Program we have received a large number of resumes and we will close applications on the 12th of February. All resumes submitted after this date will be kept in our database for future editions of Zgen.